APRICOT (Prunus armeniaca L.)

Apricot breeding and developing of new cultivars at the Institute commenced in 1950. The work on planned hybridization has been intensely pursued since 1970 and 1974 within the joint US-Yugoslav project entitled „Clonal Selection and Breeding of New Apricot Cultivars”.

Breeding objectives are developing new cultivars resistant to or tolerant of low temperatures, having late or extended flowering, stable dormancy, resistant to or tolerant of fungal, bacterial and virus (Sharka) diseases. They should also have different ripening time - very early and late as to extend the harvest season. Large, high quality fruits for fresh use, drying and processing is also one of the objectives. Breeding is also aimed at developing self-fertile cultivars and those with sweet kernel, as a replacement for almond.

Two apricot cultivars have been released:

  1. Čačansko zlato
  2. Čačanska pljosnata