Mira Milinković

Mira Milinković
Dr Mira Milinković
Senior Research Associate

Date of birth. 04. 04. 1979.

Function: Researcher in the Department for Technology of Fruit Growing

Scientific position:Senior Research Associate

Language skills: English

E-mail:  E-mail



PhD in biotechnical sciences (soil melioration). University of Belgrade – Faculty of Agriculture, 2014.

MSc in phytopathology (protection and land development). University of Kragujevac – Faculty of Agronomy in Čačak, 2008.

BSc in agronomy. University of Kragujevac – Faculty of Agronomy in Čačak, 2004.

Research interests

Testing production capability and land protection, planning and land use.

Plant nutrition and diagnostics of nutrients in soil and plant material.

The health control of fruits according to the law regulation of nitrate, nitrite and heavy metal presence.

The preservation of fruit quality in different cooling systems using ethylene blockers.

Application of ecological standards in agriculture.

Projects in the past 10 years

Ministry of education, science and technological development of the Republic of Serbia
  1. TR–31080 – Biodiversity as a potential in environmental remediation technologies of damaged ecosystems (2011−2015) – researcher.
  2. TR–20104 – Biodegradation of specific agro-industrial and municipal waste and environmental quality (2008–2010) – researcher.
Ministry of agriculture and environmental protection of the Republic of Serbia
  1. Agrophysical and agrochemical characteristics of soils in Western Serbia (Morava and Kolubara district) with the recommendation for their use for the cultivation of various fruit tree species (2015) – project leader.
  2. Technical and technological models of intensive plantations of fruit trees and strengthening of human capacity aimed at improving fruit production in Serbia (2015) – researcher.
  3. Standardization and marketing of fruit production in Čačak region (2010−2011) – project leader.
  4. Building a support system for rural development (2007−2011) – coordinator.
International projects
  1. EU: Capacity building for the establishment and implementation of the LEADER initiative in the Republic of Serbia (2012‒2013) – LAG facilitator.
  2. EXCHANGE 3: The development of an integrated pest, disease and natural hazard management system in agricultural crops (2010‒2011) – Coordinator of the Center for Rural Development.
  3. Agro-business project USAID: Determining the content and level of heavy metals presence in forest porcini mushrooms in Serbia (2010‒2011) – author of the study.

Professional training

Open World Program: Sustainable agriculture and climate change, Washington and South Carolina, USA (2015).

Membership in science and professional associations

Scientific Pomological Society of Serbia.

Other activities

Member of the Council for Agriculture - Assembly of the City of Čačak (2012−2015).

Member of the Commission for the state land lease (2007−2011).

Member of the Commission for evaluation the damage from natural disasters in Municipality of Čačak (2007−2011).

Judicial expert in the field of agriculture (soil melioration).

Selected references
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