It resulted from the cross of 'Agen 707' and 'Stanley' made in 1959. It was evaluated as I/6 ZD, named and released in 1985. The authors were Dr. Dobrivoje Ogašanović, Vojin Bugarčić, BSc. in agriculture, Dr. Ljubica Janda, Dr. Milojko Ranković and Dr. Staniša A. Paunović.

The tree is moderately vigorous, with rather dense, pyramidal crown. Widely branched. The branches abound in bearing wood. It bears fruit on fruiting spurs and on one-year-old wood. Flower bud contains 2 flowers on average. The leaf varies in shape and size, depending on the age and bearing: elliptic to oval, with pointed or round, differently serrated tip. Petiole is medium long to long, without glands. Leaves are very small in overbearing trees. The flower is medium large, with white petals. Flower elements are well developed. Flowering time is mid-late, somewhat later than 'Stanley'. Self-fertile cultivar. Fruits early (the second or third year upon planting) A regular and heavy bearer. To obtain high fruit quality, regular and severe pruning is required (it has high bearing potential). Moderately susceptible to causal agent of red leaf spot (Polystigma rubrum Pers.) and plum rust (Puccinia pruni spinosae Diet.). Susceptible to the causal agent of flower rot (Monilinia laxa Aderh et Ruhl.) and relatively resistant to fruit rot. Tolerant to Plum pox virus, leaving no symptoms on fruits. Compatible with all economically important plum rootstocks (Myrobalan, GF 655.2, Ishtara Ferciana, Fereley Jaspi, GF 8.1, etc.).

The fruit is medium large to small (ranging from 22 to 40 g, averaging 30 g), depending on crop. Dimensions: length - 46.5 mm, width - 32.5 mm, thickness - 31.6 mm. Shape is oval, tapering to stalk. Skin is medium thick, firm, of an attractive blue color, with heavy bloom. Flesh is yellow, firm, juicy, of excellent sweet-subacid flavor. It contains 20.5% soluble solids, 10.5% sugars (4.95% glucose, 1.1% fructose and 4.0% sucrose) and 1.07% total acids. The stone is medium large (1.47 g), long-oval, light brown, freestone. Dimensions: length - 26.9 mm, width - 13.2 mm, thickness - 7.5 mm.

Ripens in late August and early September, somewhat before

A highly bearing plum, suitable for drying, tolerant to Sharka. It produces high-quality prunes, 65% larger than 'Požegača'. The quantity of 3.3 kg of fresh plums yields 1 kg of prunes.