It was derived from the cross of cvs 'Hall' and 'Ruth Gerstetter' made in 1970. Hybridization was carried out in 1970 and it was named and released in 1986. Tested as hybrid XXXVIII/50/70. The breeders were Dr. Dobrivoje Ogašanović, Vojin Bugarčić, BSc. in agriculture, Dr. Milojko Ranković, Dr. Ljubica Janda and Dr. Staniša A. Paunović.

The tree is medium vigorous with moderately dense, roundish-pyramidal crown. Scaffold branches are strong, widely angled. Branches abound in fruiting wood. It bears fruit on fruiting spurs and one-year-old branches. Flower bud contains approximately 1.9-2 flowers. The leaf is medium large, elliptical to obovate, deep green. Petiole is medium long, thin, without leaf glands. The flower is medium large, with white petals. Flower elements are well developed. It flowers early, several days before plums 'Ruth Gerstetter' and 'Čačanska Lepotica'. Self-fertile cultivar. A regular and relatively heavy cropper. It is rather susceptible to diverse weather conditions at flowering. Relatively resistant to diseases and pests. Fruits are not prone to plum fruit moth (C. funebrana). It is rather susceptible to Sharka, which is manifested on fruits. The cultivar is compatible with plum rootstocks.

The fruit is large to very large (46 to 59 g and larger), roundish. Dimensions: length - 48 mm, width - 43 mm, thickness - 43 mm. Skin is moderately thick, firm, deep blue with heavy silvery bloom. When it overbears the fruits are smaller, greenish-blue on sunny side. The flesh is firm, juicy, greenish, with subacid, pleasant and refreshing flavor. Contains 12.5% soluble solids, 8.3% total sugars and 0.97% total acids. The stone is relatively large (2.15 g), free. Dimensions: length - 24 mm, width -17 mm, thickness - 10 mm. It accounts for 3.7−3.8% of the fruit weight.

Ripens in late July and early August, several days before 'Čačanska Lepotica'. The fruits are firm even when fully ripe, suitable for shipping.

A dessert, early ripening cultivar. It has large, attractive fruits of good quality. To obtain higher yield it should be grown in vineyard areas. Owing to its favorable ripening time and large, high quality fruits, suitable for transporting it merits more intensive growing for supply of fresh tourist markets.