It resulted from the cross of 'Wangenheims Frühzwetsche' and 'Italian plum' in 1977, and was named and released in 2005. The authors were: Dr. Dobrivoje Ogašanović, Dr. Slobodan Milenković and Dr. Svetlana A. Paunović.

The tree is highly vigorous and vital. Main branches are wide angled. Grafted on Myrobalan it primarily bears fruits on one-year-old branches and on fruiting spurs. The leaf is medium large, ovate, light green and with pointed tip. The flower is medium large and well developed. Flowers early, a day or two after 'Čačanska rodna'. It is a self-fertile cultivar and may be grown in mono-cultivar plantings. Cultivar of high yielding potential requiring regular pruning to avoid alternate bearing. It is rather tolerant of late frosts during flowering time. Relatively resistant to causal agents of red leaf spot (Polystigma rubrum Pers.) and plum rust (Puccinia pruni spinosae Diet.), moderately susceptible to causal agent of fruit rot (Monilinia laxa Aderh et Ruhl.). It is tolerant to Plum pox virus. Highly compatible with Myrobalan seedling.

The fruit is small to medium large, depending on the crop (average weight 27.5 g). Dimensions: height - 41.3 mm, weight - 33.1 mm, thickness - 29.6 mm.It is ovate with violet-blue ground colour when fully ripe. The flesh is firm, yellow, juicy, of sweet flavor. It has 95% share in the fruit weight. Soluble solids content varies from 21.5–24.0%, total sugars range from 8.57–13.06%, total acids 0.64–0.73%. Compared to 'Čačanska Rodna' it contains higher rate of soluble solids and lower rate of total acids, whereas total sugar rates are approximate. The stone is small and compact, light brown. Dimensions of stone: height - 23.7 mm, weight - 13.1 mm, thickness - 7.8 mm. Freestone.

Ripens late, in late August and early September. Fruits transport well when fully ripe.

The fruits of plum 'Krina' are characterized by exceptional technological properties, primarily for drying. Dried prune is large, of attractive appearance and top quality. Its fruits may be used for other forms of processing (jam, plum brandy and desserts). It has high cropping potential which is also displayed in the years with late frosts provided all cultural practices are applied.