Pozna plava

It resulted from self-fertilization of 'Čačanska najbolja' in 1980. Breeders were Dr. Dobrivoje Ogašanović, dr Slobodan Milenković, dr Svetlana A. Paunović i dr Radosav Cerović. Cultivar released in 2008.

The tree is moderately vigorous. The crown is roundish-pyramidal, moderately dense. Scaffold branches are strong and flexible with wide branch angle. Branches do not break under heavy crop. Flower buds are formed on fruiting spurs and one-year-old branches. The leaf is medium small, elliptical, tapering at the stalk. Deep green on upper side and light green on underside. Leaf edge is finely serrated. The petiole is thin, medium long. The flower is moderately large with white petals. Flower elements are well developed. Flowering time is medium late, somewhat after 'Stanley'. Pollen is of good germination ability. It is partly self-fertile, well pollinated by 'Čačanska Rodna'. It fruits heavily in certain localities. Suitable for fertilization and cultural practices. Locality and weather conditions during flowering may substantially influence on yields. Moderately susceptible to causal agent of red leaf spot (Polystigma rubrum Pers.) and relatively susceptible to causal agent of plum rust (Puccinia pruni spinosae Diet.). Resistant to flower and fruit Monilinia (Monilinia laxa Aderh et Ruhl.) and tolerant to Plum pox virus. Highly compatible with Myrobalan seedling rootstock.

The fruit is small to medium large (20–40 g), ovate. Dimensions: height - 42.4 mm, weight - 33.7 mm, thickness - 32.3 mm. Stalk cavity is shallow. Stalk is medium long and thin. Skin is medium thick, firm, deep blue with heavy bloom. The flesh is yellow, firm, juicy of excellent sweet-subacid flavor. Soluble solids content varies from 18–29% (25% on average). The stone is medium large (1.7 g), ovate, narrow at base, rough, compact. Dimensions of stone: height - 25.0 mm, weight - 15.1 mm, thickness - 9.1 mm. It accounts for 6% of the fruit weight.

Very late ripening time, late August and early September. It is one of the latest plum cultivars. Firm fruits ensure good handling and transportability. Long shelf life under normal conditions (up to 4 weeks in cold storage).

Plum 'Čačanska Pozna' is very late cultivar with excellent organoleptic characters. It is suitable for fresh consumption as well as for various forms of processing (drying, jams, compote, brandy, freezing, etc.) It is recommended for growing in certain localities with application of appropriate cultural practices.
In cooperation with Ganter OHG Markenbaumschule (Wyhl am Kaiserstuhl, Germany) it has been protected in the European Union under the name of 'Cacaks Späte'.