It was developed in 1959. It originated from the parental combination of 'Talisman' and 'Macherauches Frühërnte'. It was named and released in 1966 as the first Yugoslavian fruit cultivar in general. The breeders are prof. Dr. Petar Mišić, Vojin Bugarčić, BSc. and Dr. Milomir Tešić.

A summer-fruiting, highly vigorous cultivar with high production of runners. It is characterized by early vegetation onset. Mid-early flowering cultivar, with high cropping potential. It shows slight susceptibility to common spot of strawberry (Mycosphaerella fragariae (Tull.) Lindau) and high resistance to both drought and frost.

The fruit is medium-large, elongated-conical. The skin is red, the flesh is firm, pink, with a very small cavity. Sweet-subacid in taste and highly aromatic. It contains 4.60% sugars, 1.24% acids and 58.6mg% ascorbic acid.

Ripens early. Good transportability.

It has shown good performance as an early, high cropping and high quality strawberry cultivar. It also merits, attention as parent in breeding due to its earliness, good cropping potential and aromatic fruits.