It resulted from a cross of 'Stanley' and 'Skoldus'. The breeders were Dr. Dobrivoje Ogašanović, Dr. Svetlana A. Paunović and Dr. Slobodan Milenković. It was released in 2012.

The tree is of low to medium vigor with good crown architecture. The crown is moderate vigor. It is suitable for high density orchards. Flowering is late. Up to 13% of flowers are self-pollinated. Fruiting begins early and has good yielding potential. 'Nada' is tolerant to Plum pox virus, and moderately sensitive to red leaf spot (Polystigma rubrum Pers.) and brown rot (Monilinia laxa Aderh et Ruhl.).

The fruit is medium large to large (40-50 g), elliptical shape dark blue color with with heavy silvery bloom. Fruits are attractive, with pleasant aroma and taste. Flesh is yellow, moderately hard, juicy and aromatic. Stone is middle-size (17 g). Freestone. It contains 16.5% soluble solids, 11.7% total sugars and 0.5% acids. Fruits are suitable for fresh consumption and processing.

It ripens in mid-August.

Regarding the fruit quality and other characteristics, it is expected that this cultivar will take significant place in plum growing in Serbia.