It resulted from the cross of 'Zholta butilkovidna' and 'Large Sugar Prune' and released in 2008. Breeders were Dr. Dobrivoje Ogašanović, Dr. Slobodan Milenković and Dr. Svetlana A. Paunović.

It flowers in early April and is characterized by a great abundance of flowering. In field conditions, 'Zlatka' is resistant to Plum pox virus. During several years of research, not a single Plum pox virus infected tree havent been found, even in  areas with high inoculum pressure. Moderatelly sensitive to red leaf spot (Polystigma rubrum Pers.) and plum rust (Puccinia pruni spinosae Diet.)

The fruits are attractive appearance, average weight of 23.70 g. Fruit skin color is yellow. The flesh is attractive yellow color. The fruits contain an average of 15.60% soluble solids.

Ripens in the second and third decade of August.

'Zlatka' is the only released plum cultivar with yellow fruit skin that was bred at the Institute. The fruits are suitable for various kinds of processing, especially for production of compote.