Divna resulted from a cros between 'Stanley' and 'Čačanska Rana'. Breeders are Dr. Dobrivoje Ogašanović, Dr. Ivana Glišić, and Dr Darko Jevremović. It was recognized as a new cultivar in 2018.

The tree is vigorous with a dense crown. Flowering is late, at the same time as the 'Stanley'. It enters the phase of full bearing early and is characterized by regular and high cropping. Divna is tolerant to plum pox virus. In conditions of natural infection, it exhibits very mild symptoms characteristic of the most economically significant fungal diseases of plums.

The average weight of the fruit is 24 g, the skin is purple-blue with abundant ash. The mesocarp is yellow-green in color, firm, aromatic and tasty with an average of 19.70% soluble dry matter. The fruits can be used for fresh consumption, as well as for various types of processing.

The fruit ripening time is very late, in the second decade of September.