The Fruit Research Institute, Čačak is a state institution (founded by the Government of the Republic of Serbia) with the status of an accredited research and development institute and with the main activity which is of special and general social interest. The main activity of the Institute is scientific research in the field of biotechnical sciences, within the scientific disciplines of fruit growing, crop protection, plant product technology and food biotechnology, within the framework of programs and projects that include mostly applied and development research, and partly basic research as a basis for applied and development research. Thanks to many years of successful work and the results achieved, the Institute represents a unique scientific research institution, a leading institution in the field of fruit growing in the country and in the Balkans, known and recognized in Europe and worldwide.

In carrying out its main activity, the Institute performs the following tasks:
  • Biological and ecological studies of fruit trees;
  • Genetic studies and the creation of new cultivars of fruit trees;
  • The selection and introduction of fruit trees;
  • Physiological and agro-technical studies of fruit trees;
  • Studying the causes of diseases and pests of fruit trees and methods for their control;
  • Technological study of fruits;
  • Creation and maintenance the nuclear, pre-basic and basic planting material of fruit trees;
  • VCU tests for analysis of Value for Cultivation and Use of fruit rootstocks and cultivars;
  • DUS tests for the analysis of Distinction, Uniformity and Stability of fruit rootstocks and cultivars;
  • Collection and research of domestic and introduced fruit cultivars for the purpose of gene bank;
  • Transfer and implementation of scientific and technology solutions;
  • Expert and health control of the production of fruit planting material.
In the field of selection and breeding of fruit trees, the Institute has previously produced nearly 200,000 hybrid seedlings. From this, more than 200 promising hybrids have been singled out, of which the Commission for the recognition of cultivars and rootstocks recognized and introduced in the register 44 new cultivars, of which stands out 18 plum cultivars. Several Institute’s plum cultivars are listed on the national variety lists and successfully grown in several European countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Romania and Slovakia). In addition to plum, other commercialized cultivars are: apple 'Čadel', sour cherry 'Šumadinka', blackberry 'Čačanska bestrna' and black currant 'Čačanska crna'.

Forty two doctoral dissertations and 30 master's theses has been done and defended in the Institute. Researchers of the Institute published more than 2,400 scientific papers and 74 monographs.

The Institute has all necessary means to carry out its activities: 140.72 hectares of land, 4,512 m2 of office space, of which 457 m2 of laboratory space. The Institute own necessary laboratory equipment, library with reading room, a conference room and several ancillary facilities: collection orchards, glass-houses, screen-houses, cold storage, weather station and others. The Institute has a collection orchards with more than 1,100 different genotypes of temperate fruit species.

The Institute cooperates successfully with numerous scientific institutions, organizations and associations in the country, as well as with research institutes in 36 countries around the world, through the participation in projects, exchange of experts, plant material, scientific and technical information.

The Institute was the organizer of many international conferences, national conferences with international participation, professional meetings, events and seminars.

The Fruit Research Institute is one of the founders of a "Science and Technology Park Čačak" founded in 2011 with the aim of a better investment of the results of scientific research and technology through the establishment of innovative companies and recruiting young entrepreneurs. Fruit Reserch Institute is a member of the Association of Institutes of Serbia that was founded in 1990, as successor of the Permanent Conference of Scientific and Research Organizations, established in 1977.

In addition to research work, Fruit Research Institute produces fruit planting material as a supplementary activity. The Institute produces standard and certified propagating and planting material, both for the purpose of its own nursery and research, as well as commercial use for other nurseries and fruit growers. The special attention is paid on the production of nuclear, pre-basic and basic material of temperate fruit species (mainly cultivars developed at the Institute) as a basis for building mother plantations for the production of certified material.

The Institute is also engaged in providing expert and professional services of planning, establishment and tending plantations of fruit trees, various types of laboratory analysis and extension in the field of fruit growing, crop protection, plant products, technology and food biotechnology; providing expert services in the field of competence of researchers, particularly under the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment of the Republic of Serbia in the field of design, maintenance and use of collection and reference orchards of temperate fruit species, the implementation of DUS and VCU tests, services of importance for the functioning of national phytosanitary systems, services expertise, as well as other types of services on the requirements of companies and other stakeholders.

The Fruit Research Institute has received numerous awards for achievements. Especially interesting is the once prestigious award AVNOJ (the highest award in former Yugoslavia) as a special social recognition for creative work and the work of general interest in agriculture in 1974.

In recent years, the Institute has been awarded by:
  • Sretenje Order of the third degree, 2017
  • The December award of the City of Čačak, 2016
  • The Charter of the Andrejević Foundation, for successful cooperation in achieving the founding objectives and contributing to the development of scientific creativity, 2014
  • The Charter of Beekeeping Association of Serbia, in recognition of the development of beekeeping in Serbia, 2012
  • Plaque Agro-biz Leader for 2011 for the implementation of innovative and scientific methods in the development of fruit growing at the 78th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad.
  • Certificate of Appreciation for a successful long-term cooperation in the education of plant protection professionals (Phytomedicine) University of Belgrade - Faculty of Agriculture, 2009