It resulted from the cross of 'California blue' and 'Rut Gerstetter' in 1964 and was named and released in 2004. The authors were Dr. Dobrivoje Ogašanović, MSc. Radunka Plazinić, Dr. Svetomir Stamenković and Vladan Milinković, BSc in agronomy.

The tree is vigorous, habitus similar to 'Ruth Gerstetter'. Branches are rather narrow angled, prone to breaking under heavy crop. The branches abound in bearing wood. It bears fruit on mixed branches and fruiting spurs. There are 1.61 flowers in a flower bud on average. The leaf is large, dark green, slightly serrated. The flower is medium-sized, white, with well-developed flower parts. It flowers almost at the same time with 'Ruth Gerstetter'. It is partly self-fertile. It fruits pretty well even in years with late frosts. It is not markedly susceptible to pests and diseases and it is tolerant of Plum pox virus. Highly compatible with Myrobalan seedling.

The fruit is roundish-oval, medium-large to large, larger than 'Ruth Gerstetter', of intensive blue color. Average mass varies (28.2−40.7g). Dimensions: length - 36.8 mm, width - 36.9 mm, thickness - 35.1 mm. The suture line is not prominent. Flesh is sweet-subacid, yellow. Stalk is short and thick. The stone is medium large. Average mass - 1.11 g. Dimensions: length - 19.9 mm, width - 16.0 mm, thickness - 9.5 mm. In early picked fruits the stone is not free.

Ripens very early, 7-10 days after 'Ruth Gerstetter'. Good shipper.

A superior quality cultivar with very early ripening time filling the span between plums 'Ruth Gerstetter' and 'Čačanska rana'. It should be grown on smaller scale in the vicinity of larger towns.