Žaklina Karaklajić-Stajić

Žaklina Karaklajić-Stajić
Research Associate

Function: Researcher in the Department for Technology of Fruit Growing

Scientific position: Research Associate

ORCID: 0000-0001-6541-6339

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Language skills: English

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PhD in biotechnical sciences. University of Belgrade – Faculty of Agriculture, 2016.

MSc in biotechnical sciences (pomology). University of Kragujevac – Faculty of Agronomy in Čačak, 2010.

BSc in agronomy. University of Kragujevac – Faculty of Agronomy in Čačak, 1999.

Research interests

Technology of growing of blackberry and other temperate fruit trees.

Identification and quantification of phenolic compounds in fruits of small fruit species.

Projects in the past 10 years

Ministry of education, science and technological development of the Republic of Serbia
  1. TR–31093 – Influence of the variety and growing conditions on the content of bioactive components of berries and stone fruits and obtaining biologically valuable products with new and improved technologies (2011‒2015) – researcher.
  2. TR–20013A – Development and study of newly bred fruit genotypes, and introduction of modern biotechnologies of fruit growing and processing (2008‒2010) – researcher.
  3. TR‒6866B ‒ Improvement of growing technology of fruits using new biotechnologies (2005–2007) – researcher.
Ministry of agriculture and environmental protection of the Republic of Serbia
  1. Technical and technological models of intensive plantations of fruit trees and strengthening of human capacity aimed at improving fruit production in Serbia (2015) – researcher.
International projects
  1. The sustainable improvement of European berry production, quality and nutritional value in changing environment: strawberries, currants, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries (EUBERRY), FP7 program (2011–2014) – researcher.

Professional training

Bundessortenamt, Federal Office of Plant Varieties, Testing station Wurzen, Germany (2010).

Wageningen University, Netherlands (2013).

Membership in science and professional associations

Društvo za zaštitu bilja Srbije

ICVF (International Council for the Study of Virus and other Graft Transmissible Diseases of Fruit Crops)

Other activities

DUS tests for the analysis of Distinction, Uniformity and Stability of fruit rootstocks and cultivars.